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Uptown Jungle is the ultimate birthday party venue for your kids.

We provide everything for your child’s birthday party to ensure that their party is a raging success.

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Climbing Walls
Spider Tower
Mega Play Structure
Super Slides
Toddler Area
Mini Zip
Ball Blaster Arena
Ninja Course
For security reasons, signing the WAIVER is required by anyone entering the park.


Wearing the kids out has never been easier. Get unlimited access to Uptown Jungle all year round when you and your family become Uptown Members today!

Things to Know

Play like a pro. Learn some tips and other useful information prior to your visit.

#1 Indoor Playground in Henderson, NV: Endless Fun for the Entire Family

There’s a lot more to a child’s play than meets the eye. It helps improve motor skills, identify and share emotions, learn to communicate and collaborate, and develop creative thinking. That’s why here at Uptown Jungle, we cherish and nurture adventurous spirits ready to explore and grow. Every indoor play area for toddlers is a safe, imaginative space carefully designed to provide endless fun for the little ones, and it also comes with a number of perks for the parents!

What’s the most original indoor indoor trampoline park near me? Uptown Jungle is the answer.

Uptown Jungle is a beautifully furnished 15,000 square foot facility built to give your little ones the opportunity to express themselves in every playful moment. Our proud founders have gladly embraced their inner child, dedicating themselves to creating and promoting a true sense of freedom and excitement.

Are you looking for a place where your child can explore, run, climb, slide, and beat different obstacles, all within a strategically engineered and ultra-safe environment? Uptown Jungle has it all, and then some more! Our indoor playgrounds are a real hit in Henderson, and our wide offer includes indoor birthday parties, fun park, team parties, and summer day camps as well.

Are you ready to awaken your inner child and join your little ones in fun activities designed to get the entire family on their feet? It’s time to hit the Uptown Jungle Fun Park!

Beautiful memories are created here: Our themed children’s parties are the all-time favorites

Have you run out of ideas on where to find good places to have a birthday party for your toddler? The Lion Habitat Ranch sounds fun, but you’re a bit concerned about child safety, while the Clark County Museum wouldn’t offer the kids a chance to be active? Uptown Jungle offers you a choice that will leave you in awe. We boast multiple private birthday party rooms where your kids and their friends will have a blast and create the most cherished childhood memories!

We believe that the best birthday party places for kids should also accommodate the grown-ups who accompany them. Uptown Jungle doesn’t forget parents or adults who just want to sit back and relax while the little ones are engaged and having fun. Unwind in comfortable leather furniture and explore what our stunning adult lounge has to offer. We provide a variety of commodities, from flat-screen TVs, charging stations, high-speed Wi-Fi, to massage chairs, and so much more!

Uptown Jungle: Your safe, comfy and affordable indoor playground for kids in Henderson NV

Our multi-level indoor adventure park is a kids’ play area that will keep your little ones entertained for hours. Our secure, air-conditioned facility offers a variety of maze of play structures, climbing walls, trampolines, and courses designed to encourage your children’s curiosity and nurture their adventurous spirit.

Here at Uptown Jungle Fun Park in Henderson, NV, the price is never something to worry about. Our all-inclusive admission passes allow your kids to enjoy the indoor playgrounds with no hidden charges or fees, while discount events and coupons we often prepare for you will make the playtime completely stress-free. Download our app and sign up for a “buy one, get an hour of play free” signature offer!

Looking for endless fun? Your little angels will LOVE our trampoline park in Henderson!

From obstacle courses and mega play structures to the life-sized video games and trampolines, Uptown Jungle provides venues for all sorts of activities young ones simply adore. Our trampoline park is a great spot where kids can not only play and jump, but also laugh and socialize. With a myriad of amazing features, our toddler trampoline park is the spot where Henderson kids jump for joy!

#1 Among the best indoor playgrounds in Henderson NV: A joyful way to connect with your child in the best play venue around!

Ever since it was founded in 2012, Uptown Jungle has been offering an indoor play experience like no other in the industry. We are proud to announce that our playground metropolis has quickly become one of the favorite indoor playgrounds in Peoria that makes both children and their parents happy.

Our fun parks are a place where children can unplug and play and you can spend some quality time with your family. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your child in Temecula, looking for an indoor playground for your toddler in Murietta, or wish to celebrate your kid’s birthday in Mesa, Uptown Jungle is a dream-like space your little one will adore. We can help you make your toddler’s birthday memorable so you can create special moments that will last a lifetime.

Reach out today, and learn more about our magnificent venue and our exclusive offers we are proud to present!