Why Should I Organize a Family Visit to a Trampoline Park?

Mar / 27 / 2020


Trying to organize a family visit to a trampoline park can become so nerve-racking that it could have you question why trampoline parks are so popular at all. First, you have to find the best time to visit, then choose the right trampoline park for your family, sort the transportation out…

I mean, come on! But, you should persevere. Not only is an indoor trampoline park in Henderson awesome fun, but it’s also useful. Did you know even NASA uses trampolines to prepare its astronauts? Well, now, you should definitely take your family to a trampoline park!

What are the benefits of a family visit to a trampoline park?

Family fun time should be a treat in its own right, with spending some quality time together as the single most important benefit of it all. But, these busy lives we lead leave us with so little time to organize such an outing.

We shouldn’t let that stop any of us. There are few things that bring such joy as hanging out with the whole family, doing literally whatever. However, when you make it into a, say, trampoline park visit, there are even other benefits to reap:

  1. Emotional development – Spending enjoyable and unstructured time with your kids is important for their emotional development. They will experience some freedom and get a chance to expand their horizons, all of which will foster emotional development.
  2. Physical development – Not only is jumping up and down on trampolines a great way to trick your kids into exercising but when your kids see you doing the same, they will start to see the true value of it all. Kids do what we do.
  3. Family bonding – Finally, a visit to a trampoline park is an incredible opportunity for some good old family bonding to take place. And that, if you’re asking us, is the single greatest thing such a visit achieves.

What can we do at a trampoline park?

Don’t worry, the good indoor trampoline parks offer more than just trampolines if that’s what’s got you so worried. There are plenty of things to enjoy for adults and kids alike, and here are our top tips on what you can do on your first visit:

  • Blast your kids with some softballs at the ball blaster arena. Be prepared to get blasted too though.
  • Run the obstacle course with your kids, it sure can be a fun experience.
  • You can play well, but have you ever played MEGA? Well, you can if you want to!
  • You’re never too old for a slide, and you must not, we repeat, must not miss out on a super slide!
  • If your kids have annoyed you a bit, it’s spider tower time. Let them find their own way out!
  • Become a ninja at the ninja course. You’re never too old to pretend with your kids!
  • We haven’t said anything about jumping on trampolines? We surely have, haven’t we? In a trampoline park? Jumping? Well, you can if you really want to…
  • Finally, if you’re in need of a breather, pop to the parent’s lounge for a few minutes of alone time.

So, you see, many things to do besides jumping on trampolines, if that’s not your thing. Whatever you choose to do, trust us, you’ll have a blast doing it with your family.

“Where can I find such a fun indoor trampoline park in Henderson?”

If you’re struggling to find a good indoor trampoline place where you could take your family, why not choose the best one around – Uptown Jungle? We have various fun attractions the whole family could enjoy, and we’d be happy to show them to you. Make a change from your visits to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and come to our place!